What is ProxIMed About

ProxIMed, a collaborative initiative spanning 17 partners across 10 countries, is revolutionizing the Mediterranean food system. Addressing climate change, population growth, and food security, the project introduces sustainable proteins, including plant-based sources and novel foods. Using eco-friendly processing, ProxIMed aims to create tailored products for diverse regions, promoting a resilient Mediterranean lifestyle.


19 participating states countries have a common research and innovation strategy addressing the challenges in climate change, population growth and food security, water scarcity and overexploitation of natural resources, sustainable agriculture, agro-biodiversity loss, reinforcing Mediterranean lifestyle: diet , physical activity , socio-cultural, mediterrenean agro-food value chains.

PRIMA Objectives

ALIGNMENT OF NATIONAL PROGRAMMES: Orientation of relevant national research and innovation programmes towards the implementation of the strategic agenda.

CRITICAL MASS OF ACTORS AND RESOURCES: Involvement of all relevant public and private sector actors in implementing the strategic agenda by pooling knowledge and financial resources to achieve the necessary critical mass.

STRENGTHENING R&I CAPACITIES: Strengthening of the research and innovation funding capacities and of the implementation capabilities of all actors involved including SMEs, academia, non-governmental organisations and local research centres.


Revolutionize protein consumption in the Mediterranean region

through innovation and sustainability

Develop over 20 alternative protein products

with the active involvement of consumers, industry partners, and innovative technologies

Shape a healthier and more sustainable future for the Mediterranean population

by reducing environmental impact, improving food security, and enhancing food choices


“A future where alternative protein sources redefine diets, promoting health and sustainability.

In this vision, ProxIMed envisions a shift towards protein sources that not only meet dietary needs but also align with ecological and economic goals.

By integrating low-input and available raw materials with innovative extraction processes, ProxIMed seeks to create a paradigm shift in the way people perceive and consume proteins in the Mediterranean.

The vision extends beyond product development, aiming to instill a long-lasting positive impact on health, the environment, and the overall well-being of communities in the region.

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The PRIMA programme is supported under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

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